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News about MIDI2LR plugin

MIDI2LR plugin is being developed tirelessly. Here are the news that happened in the recent weeks with the plugin:

  • 1.0 version brought us the keystroke emulation which allows sending hotkey kombinations (shortcuts) from the MIDI controller
  • Unfortunately only Windows version works well, Mac version cannot handle CMD key which would be essential, since this key was the base of 99% of keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom
  • 1.0.1 version did not help Mac useres eighter moreover it was not very stable and MIDI2LR suffered version displaying errors
  • The latest version at the moment is This version seems stable and solved some problems like displaying correct version number, crashing when quitting the app on a Mac and Rory Jaffe the developer says the code is completely cleaned up and enhanced. You can check the updates here. There are no new features only enhancements and bugfixes. Mac version still does not handle CMD key unfortunately.
  • Development and discussion forum of MIDI2LR moved from Github to Google Groups which is more effective for general discussion.

If you suffer somehow with the newest versions of MIDI2LR pls contact me because I archived an older 0.9.6 version which used to be stable on my system. Maybe you could try that one.

IMPORTANT: we are an information website only. Despite the similarity of the names we have no interest or any connection or commitment to MIDI2LR Lightroom plugin, it is completely independent from this website.

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