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Loupedeck is the new Lightroom controlling hardware

Finnish guys launched a new controller on Indiegogo called Loupedeck. It is basically a custom MIDI controller specifically designed and programmed for Lightroom use.

It has its own software background, so the developper team - led by Mikko Kesti - says the device is plug-and-play. 

Loupedeck it not very different from Palette Gear, except Loupedeck is not modular, has more controls, and is way more cheap in general than PG.

Loupedeck is not very different from PFixer from Pusher Labs, except Loupedeck is custom designed specifically for Lightroom while a 'post- labelled' Pfixer is based on a Behringer controller originally designed for music making. 

Loupedeck is not very different from using any MIDI controller with MIDI2LR or Knobroom apps, or using some MIDI controllers with LrControl, except that Loupedeck does not mean an accomodation to a given controller layout but it is designed directly for Lightroom use, directly for photographers. Also Loupedeck is plug-and-play, while a regular MIDI controller+LR-plugin compilation needs to be individually installed and set up for your own needs. As for the latter, yes, Loupedeck is not that customizable like the solutions we use these days, although you are allowed to reprogram another layer of tool on it using the Fn button.

For more information, pls visit Loupedeck's website, and if you are interested, you should back the project on Indiegogo which must be a huge success, since they reached 45% of their goal in the first 24 hours! Congratulations to Mikko and the team! 


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