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Strech goals of Loupedeck project

Founders of 'Loupedeck controller for Lightroom' project has announced stretch goals on Indiegogo. 200k Euros goal already achieved, more to follow. 

Loupedeck is a new MIDI controller designed solely and specifically for Lightroom use with own server software. Founders are collecting money for the project at the moment, product to be shipped in Summer 2017.


If backers achieve 300.000 Euros goal, the Loupedeck will receive a couple of extra buttons that can be configured via Loupedeck's own software. When 500K Euros goal was achieved, the developers would provide a more advanced software for Loupedeck that would be able to configure all its buttons, dials and scrolls individually, also those that originally has fixed functions. We were told by the developers that such a software required a totally new software approach (that is why it is not a default function). No words about what happens with the buttons/encoders' labelings when all of them are customized by the user and labelings loose their meanings.

Mikko Kesti CEO of Loupedeck project has told us, that Loupedeck and its prototypes were demoed with MIDI2LR plugin, but they are working on their own software solution, so Loupedeck will not be compatible with any other LR plugins in the future like MIDI2LR or Knobroom or Paddy.

UPDATE: stretch goal 300k has been reached so two customizeable buttons will be added to Loupedeck in the final product. The Indiegogo campaign has been ended, final product will reach the backers in Spring 2017, Loupedeck will hit the shelves in August 2017.

See more details about Loupedeck project here.

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