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MIDI Controller for Capture One?

Some whispering arose in the recent days that maybe Capture One will support hardware controlling in the future, just like Lightroom does. At the moment you are unable to connect a MIDI controller to Capture One because there is no appropriate plugin that would provide the connection. It is because developing any plugin for Capture One requires its SDK (Software Development Kit) which is paid in opposite to Lightrom's SDK which is free to access to anyone. Moreover SDK for Capture One is quite expensive, it costs a couple of thousand Euros per year as we know (Phase One recently removed this info from their website).

Altough I've received some gossip, that says Phase One is interested in this topic and they intend to develop their own solution. This gossip is partly proven by Phase One Labs' recent article that says they MAY cooperate with Tangent, a company that offers professional hardware controllers for cinematography post-production.

This is really exciting news, however Tangent's controllers cost a fortune compared to regular MIDI controllers. Good to know that the same source told that IF they cooperated with Tangent, they would do the way that a future opening to other systems would be easy.

So I have good and bad news: Good news is that something is happening with Capture One. Bad news is that at least we have to wait for a long time to get MIDI controlling with Capture One, but maybe only expensive solutions will come to light in the near future, solutions that affect only a few people.

UPDATE 2nd Dec 2016: the newly announced Capture One Pro 10 officially supports Tangent controllers. More info to come soon.

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