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MIDI2LR is almost ready

Rsjaffe has released the 0.9.8 version of MIDI2LR for Lightroom. A major new feature of this release is the possibility to assign keystrokes (and hopefully keyboard shortcuts) to your controller's buttons, even if you have no editor software for your controller that would support such a function. (As far as we know, only Novation's AutomapServer is ready to assign QWERTY keys to buttons).

However for OSX users sending keystrokes is still in testing phase, but Windows users can already be happy with this new function.

This is really a major release and also note that there are only 2 pointreleases until the final version called 1.0. Hallelujah, we are almost there! We cannot be grateful enough to the developer, so if you visit the MIDI2LR website, do not forget the Donate button!


You can download the latest MIDI2LR release here.

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