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MIDI Controller for Capture One?

Some whispering arose in the recent days that maybe Capture One will support hardware controlling in the future, just like Lightroom does. At the moment you are unable to connect a MIDI controller to Capture One because there is no appropriate plugin that would provide the connection. It is because developing any plugin for Capture One requires its SDK (Software Development Kit) which is paid in opposite to Lightrom's SDK which is free to access to anyone. Moreover SDK for Capture One is quite expensive, it costs a couple of thousand Euros per year as we know (Phase One recently removed this info from their website).

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Strech goals of Loupedeck project

Founders of 'Loupedeck controller for Lightroom' project has announced stretch goals on Indiegogo. 200k Euros goal already achieved, more to follow. 

Loupedeck is a new MIDI controller designed solely and specifically for Lightroom use with own server software. Founders are collecting money for the project at the moment, product to be shipped in Summer 2017.

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News about MIDI2LR plugin

MIDI2LR plugin is being developed tirelessly. Here are the news that happened in the recent weeks with the plugin:

  • 1.0 version brought us the keystroke emulation which allows sending hotkey kombinations (shortcuts) from the MIDI controller
  • Unfortunately only Windows version works well, Mac version cannot handle CMD key which would be essential, since this key was the base of 99% of keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom

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Loupedeck is the new Lightroom controlling hardware

Finnish guys launched a new controller on Indiegogo called Loupedeck. It is basically a custom MIDI controller specifically designed and programmed for Lightroom use.

It has its own software background, so the developper team - led by Mikko Kesti - says the device is plug-and-play. 

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MIDI2LR plugin reaches 1.0 version

It's finally here. MIDI2LR plugin (which is developped by rsjaffe and does not belong to our website, just the name is a bit similar) has reached its 1.0 version which should mean 'fully functionalbe'. Actually it is true but at the moment only for Windows users. The latest feature added to the plugin was namely 'sending keystrokes to Lightroom' that allows to the user to map certain Lightroom features and commands to his/her controller what was previously not available in MIDI2LR but has a keyboard shortcut in Lightroom. Typically Crtl+Alt+V (Paste settings from Previous Photo) or Ctrl+Shift+S (Sync Settings) were such commands.

However Mac users still have to wait a bit because Cmd keystroke does not work yet. 

As soon as MIDI2LR will be really fully functional, we will report it on

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