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As a PRO member you'll have a 60 days registration with access to extra material in order to start using your MIDI Controller with Lightroom as smooth and quick as possible. This is the easiest way to start a new life in photography post-processing! :)

What you'll get:

Tips for buying a MIDI Controller for Lightroom with prices and purchase possibilities

Installation, configuration and mapping guides (Novation with Automap, Novation Launch Control, Behringer BCR, BCF, X-Touch, MIDI Fighter Twister, controllers without Editor software

Installation, config and mapping video-tutorials for Lightroom plugins (MIDI2LR, Knobroom, Paddy for Lightroom)

More explanation and details about using MIDI controllers with Adobe Lightroom 

Downloadable mapping files for plugins - just import it and ready to go (MIDI2LR, Knobroom, Paddy, Loupedeck with Capture One Pro)

Solution of sending keystrokes (keyboard shortcuts) in MIDI2LR plugin in Mac OS X

Solution for using Loupedeck controller with Capture One Pro RAW-editor (fully working version for Mac only, Windows users will need to have further adjustments)

Downloadable mapping files for editors - just import it and ready to go (Behringer BCR, BCF, X-Touch Compact, Nocturn, Zero SL MkII)

Printable, editable sticker (labelling) layout for MIDI controllers (Behringer X-Touch Mini, BCR, BCF, Novation Nocturn, Launch Control and XL, Akai APC40 and MK2)



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Using a MIDI controller for photo processing is quite a new movement in the world. These hardwares are originally built for music editing softwares but thanks to some clever plugins they can be used for photo editing in Adobe’s Lightroom software too. READ MORE...


We need a small plugin to connect a MIDI controller with Lightroom. The job of these plugins is to identify the signal of the MIDI controller via USB and match them to certain Lightroom prompts and functions which are in the plugin’s stock. READ MORE...


Learn more, and get our PRO-offer for only $8.99. If you register, you will get access to complete installation guides with videos, more explanation about the topic, and description of suitable MIDI Controllers on the market as well as downloads. This is the easiest way to start MIDI-controlling your Lightroom.